Monday, April 2, 2012

Blanky Returns, Part 2

If you read the previous post, you know that we experienced a terribly dramatic situation with the disappearance of Number 1’s favorite plush blanky.  The Husband and I vowed that with Number 2 we would definitely not let that happen.  No way, NEVER would we allow our new baby to get attached to a blanky.  Or anything that we had to keep up with, especially those that attracted germs and were dragged around on the floor.  What a silly habit to allow your children to have, right?  Much to our dismay, he is attached to a blue dog lovie named, you guessed it…“Banky”. 

We returned home from vacation after New Years only to find that Banky had not made the 6 hour trip back with us.  I know, I know….”isn’t that the first thing you check for before putting the car in reverse to head out?!?!”  You would think so.  These important articles should be put in the car FIRST, before even checking for the children.  Without the blankys I would prefer not to have to deal with the children.  I texted immediately upon the discovery to have my friend mail it to us asap.  She was gracious enough to do so and Banky returned home to us 3 days later. 

It was actually a pretty proud moment for the Husband and the Truthful Mommy.  Number 2 did really quite well while his comfort was away.   He does not seem to be quite as devastated without his lovie as Number 1 was.  It did take about 5 of his sisters abandoned lovies to take Banky’s place in the meantime, but he was a trooper.   The story’s we created worked well on him as well.  We were able to convince him that Banky was going to be so grateful to him when he got back for letting him go on such a fun adventure.  It helps that he is all boy and all about adventure!!

Moral of the story, don’t get a lovie.  We have clearly not learned this valuable lesson, as Number 3 now stands at the bottom of the stairs begging to go up to get his “banky” out of the crib.  He cannot sleep without it.  Oh well.  When they show up at your baby shower, wrapped up so pretty with your new baby’s name monogrammed so beautifully on it…it is hard to send it away to live with another baby.  Maybe the true moral of the story is never say never.  When you become a parent you will be taking back a lot of I-would-NEVER’s!!

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