Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Morning in the Life

Ahhhh, there it is.  The “who’s life is this?” day has returned.  Ok, look, 6am is NOT morning.  When you are a stay at home mommy, and no one has to be at school until 8:30, 6am is still nighty night time.  So, when Number 3 decides for the last 4 nights to wake at such an appalling hour, I decide he needs to cry it out.  So from 6 to 7:15 he screams on and off.  I really showed him.

We come downstairs and have our milk/coffee/snuggle time, which lasts through the commercial break of the news and ends promptly when the news returns.  I give him cereal to chew on while I fix some oatmeal.  Most of the cereal ends up in the floor for the Truthful Doggie. 

Number 2 comes down at the correct hour.  Not because he is such a great sleeper, but because we have trained him that he is not allowed to come out of his room until his clock turns number 7!  What a great teachable moment, don’t you agree?  He learns the value of time, how to read a clock, how to obey his parents, and it was all sponsored by the number 7! 

He begs me to let him go wake up his sissy.  I tell him several times, in an ever-so-nice and patient voice, “no we can’t wake her up yet.”  He keeps on and on and on…..  Finally, Truthful Mommy breaks, once again, and yells, “I said NO!”  He hears me.  Despite my eager efforts to stop the yelling in my house, that seems to be the only way to get them to take me seriously.  UGH. 

Oatmeal is ready for all (my sleeping beauty still sleeps).  They don’t do a terrible job eating their breakfast except that, as usual, it takes Number 2 over an hour to eat one small bowl.  Oh well, that is one hour I don’t have to worry about what he might get in to.  He tells me at one point, “mommy, I am finished.  See, you can see the bottom of my bowl.” He has now shoved his oatmeal up around the edges of his bowl.  Where do they learn this stuff?  He is 3!

Number 3 enjoys his bowl.  I give him some Tylenol because, obviously, he has something terribly wrong with him to be crying hysterically at such an un-Godly hour for many days in a row.  I do truly believe that his crying, snotty nose and incessant chewing on his hand are leading me to believe there is a molar coming in.  I will help him with the Tylenol.  Maybe it will allow him to take a good nap later this morning.  I start to take away his tray, he grabs one more piece of cereal…he throws up all over himself and the chair.  Too much snot and mucus.  Mess number 1….

He gets changed into a cute little one piece suit that I love so much at this age.  As I am getting the throw up under control I notice he is playing in the dog bowl.   Why do my boys love that so?  Cute, clean outfit is soaked as is my floor.  Oh well, they will both dry. 

Number 2 falls off the chair and hurts his hip and arm.  Cries hysterically.  I noticed that I heard something hit the ground before him.  After picking him up, I see……my 30mm fixed lens!!  This would equate to about a $450 play toy.  “Where did this come from??”  Apparently the ground is not a great place for my camera bag these days. Number 3 found it and was throwing it like a ball.  GREAT.   Calgon take me away.  It is not even 9 o’clock yet!!

Number 3 went down for a nap at 9:30.  I hope that this means he will take 2 naps today, else, this will prove to be a very long evening.  Off to coupon blogs I go.  I have to find some pretty amazing deals on diapers, wipes and milk.  Well, there is never a deal on milk, but this is no-spend January, so I will do my best.  May head to the store and never return......

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