Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Showers are NOT over-rated

As you may recall from some of the recent posts (I know I can’t forget it), my daughter tells me, as honestly as she possibly can, “you are fat like Mr Smee.”  So, I go promptly to the closest inexpensive gym and become a member.  That was about 3 months ago and I have been a faithful once-a-month attendee ever since!  You also remember I have 3 children under the age of 7.  Yes, I tell you, this gym does have child care.  Why, you may ask, are you not attending regularly and taking advantage of 2 beautiful hours of childcare?  Why, I ask myself, did I not join an expensive gym where I can exercise, sauna, hot tub, yoga and shower???  Man, I was not thinking.  My gym is graciously inexpensive, which appealed nicely to the Truthful Husband for many reasons; mostly because he knows my track record with exercise bandwagons.  I fall off promptly.  But this gym does not have the bells and whistles.   Not even a shower.  At the very least, this stay at home mommy should have checked to be sure there was a shower at the gym.  This unadded feature does not help the fact that I rarely get a chance to shower as it is.  If I do go to the gym, and possibly get sweaty (rarely) then I pick up the kids, go home, life gets busy and I stay dirty all day.  YUCK.  Maybe that is why I don’t go.  Yes, that is my excuse. 

Since I am all about being honest here, I have often begged my husband to get us a YMCA membership.  I can just see the paradise in it.  Dropping the little guys off for a fun, activity filled, hour or so at the nursery, me heading poolside to…..to whatever I wish.  Nap, read, chat, play, swim, tan.  It wouldn’t matter.  I cannot remember the last time I came in contact with a pool where I didn’t have to watch some little person in my care very closely so they wouldn’t drown.  Oh…yes, actually I do remember a time several months ago when, at the edge of a breakdown, I made reservations at a hotel 5 miles from my home and went for 2 nights!!   It was a mommycation.  I highly recommend them!  The husband had just come back from back-to-back, extended out-of-town trips.  I was at my wits end.  “I…must…get…out” was all I could say with droopy shoulders and a distant gaze.  The husband willingly stepped aside and wished me a lovely mommycation.  It was just what I needed.  Speaking of, I feel like I might be overdue for another one!

My advice to those of you making a choice on a gym membership:  Check for a shower.  That is THE very least you can do for yourself.  I am thinking that if mine had a complete bathroom, I might just drop the kids off to shower, makeup, and even DRY my hair.  Wow, what a treat that would be!

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