Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who is the funniest of them all?

Princess Number 1 came running in the kitchen, got my attention and said, “This is my best pooting sound EVER!”  She proceeded to make this ever so life-like poot sound with her mouth.  My first reaction was to tell her that ladies don’t make potty noises.  But her sound was actually very much like a real one and her face so proud, that I could not hold back an authentic belly laugh.  So, now my response has only affirmed her actions and I feel certain that I will be hearing that poot rendition many more times.  Number 1 is always looking for a laugh.  Bless her heart, humor is not her strong suit.  She wants desperately to be funny and make people laugh.  And, for her sweet little self image, we oblige every now and then and laugh—not so authentically.  She has gotten smarter over time, and is on to us.  She stops to ask us if that is a real laugh or not.  Uh oh. 

Her brother, on the other hand is hilarious.  He loves potty talk at the table and REALLY loves his wee wee.  We have to do the opposite with him.  We have to keep our genuine laughs under our breath and turn away as we tell him that it is completely inappropriate to talk like that at the dinner table.  Or to run around shaking his naked booty for all the world to see.  It is not just unbefitting humor that he is in to.  He truly comes up with the funniest stuff out of no where.  His timing is impeccable and his facial expressions are to die for.  One time we were in the restroom at church.  I walked in to the stall with him for assistance, he is three after all.  He gave me a big sigh and said “can I get a little pwivacy here pwease??”  Giggles streamed from every occupied stall around me, including mine.  Laughter like this does not send him running inside his shell, he thrives on it.  He looked up and me with fiery pride at his stand-up achievement. 

Of course, anytime Number 1 sees him get a laugh, she proceeds to copy him.  It is never the same.   My goal now must be to remind her of all the many things that she is good at and nurture those.  Otherwise, we could just hear her best-poot-noise-EVER for many days to come.

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