Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where to start with the truth??

I sat down and I typed and then I deleted.  Then I typed and deleted.  Repeat..repeat.  How on earth do you start your first post?  Especially when you are willing to write a post that will expose so much "stuff."  Things happen to me on a daily basis that make me think, really?  did that just happen??  Is this really my life?  I pictured something much different, as I am sure most of us did.  Especially if you are reading this blog, I imagine you did.  My house is NEVER clean, my kids are not clean as much as they should be, my dog is also never clean.  When I am clean I am not "complete."  When do I have enough time to take a shower (usually with all 3 kids) AND put on make up and do my hair??  Even when I make it to the shower I don't look like it by the time the husband comes home because I surely didn't have time to dry the hair, so it is a frizzy, embarrassing mess.  Poor guy.  He married a pretty girl.  He is the best, though.  I am almost certain that he thinks I am still beautiful all the time.  At least he loves me unconditionally and that makes me feel like perfection.  So, life is not perfectly baked casseroles, crafty projects, homemade ANYTHING (unless it is going to save Truthful Daddy a good bit of money),  a clean home, or even a happy home sometimes for me.  I get impatient, I get ugly, I get hateful and I get selfish alot.  Alot more than I want to admit.  But here I go.  I am willing to really put myself out there for those of you that need to hear that you are not alone.  And let me say, if you do not relate...this is just not the blog to spend your time on!  I am about to get really really REAL here. 

My plan is to lighten the load for us moms with a little humility and, hopefully, some humor.  It is not to spout on and on about how miserable of a mom and wife I am.  I am actually a pretty great one.  I am just not pretty and perfect about it all the time.  I am no super hero and my family is not under any spell.  They would tell you the same. 

  My eagerness to put it all out there, you may ask???  I got so discouraged reading all of the blogs that were about Super-Mom's. They have 15 kids, they coupon, they craft, they cook every meal, they make home-made playdoh & steep their own vanilla, & they blog!!  Also, every baking session, project, and small moment is also a "teachable moment" for the kids. REALLY???!?  I don't know how that is possible.  I hope it is.  I admit, I am jealous of their ability to make it all happen & still shower everyday.  But that is just not how it is in my house.  So, hang in there with me and stay tuned for some Truth!

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