Friday, January 6, 2012

Wouldn't you know?? Never happens...

Wouldn’t you know it??  The day after I start a blog about the chaos that is life in my house, we have a peaceful, lovely, mostly whine free, beautiful day.  Seriously, and I am not going to complain.  Not one kid came into my room until almost 8am!!  That is awesome.  Then when they did come in they snuggled with me and watched a show so that I could wake up slowly.  Not one time did Number 2 say, “I wanna go downstairs NOW and I want milk NOW!”  This would be the first time EVER for both of those things to happen. 

Once we made our way downstairs I got “I don’t yike school” and “I don’t have to go to school” from Number 2.  But no fights. I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning the kitchen, so that was a lovely feeling when we entered into the heart of the house.  Some new delish coffee I got for Christmas was ready to brew and breakfast went smoothly.  Which also never happens.  Once it was go time he pitched a bit of a fit, but that is ok with me if that is all we get today.  It was a minor, surface fit.  I can handle.  No yelling from this mommy this morning. 

I decided with a clean kitchen (notice I do not mention the rest of the house) and no major work to be done, I should take Numbers 1 and 3 out somewhere.  Since we are on a “no-spend” month it had to be free.  (more on our no-spend month at a later date) We have a membership to our local kids museum so we packed a lunch and headed on our way.  It went equally as awesome as the morning had gone.  Well, except for the black eye that poor Number 3 received when he walked right into a handle on a stationery bike in the exercise section of the museum. But I still will not let that ruin my chaos free post.

While eating lunch, Number 3 didn’t throw one piece of food on the floor.  NEVER happens.  After our enjoyable lunch we headed to pick up Number 2 from preschool and vowed to keep our little outing a secret.  For some reason I feel such guilt when we do something fun and someone gets left out.  I really must get over that.  I am sure Number 2 had a blast at school. 

I really should go on a run while 2 and 3 are napping; that would really round out this lovely day.  We are having 60 degree weather in January, after all.  Probably won’t do that.  Have lots of adult clothes to be laundered and that does not sound fun today.  I have lots of well-intentioned thoughts. 

So far so good,  I feel the need to post this now, before the 6pm witching hour rolls around. I was going to wait and post at the end of the day to let you know if it all went so smoothly, but I am afraid.  The calm before the storm, perhaps?  Maybe my kids could sense that I had decided to air our dirty laundry and felt the need to give me nothing to work with today.  I am good with that.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of airing still to be done.  But I just had to share.  I looked all day for something to tell you about and I came up very short.  Wouldn’t you know?  After all my complaining and venting,  I AM doing it pretty.  Well, except for the fact that I never showered before we left the house and my hair didn’t change its shaped from how it was in the bed.  But I did put on mascara and jeans, no sweats for this Truthful Mommy today. 

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