Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brain Muscles Cease

You may remember my story about Number 1 asking me why I had so many crumples on my forehead.  After that extremely honest interaction with my sweet princess, I swiftly snatched up a living social deal for Botox.
So one morning not so long ago, I sent Number 2 off to preschool, Number 1 off on a playdate and put the grandma up to watching Number 3 while I went to have my brain pumped full of paralyzing toxins that may or may not cause botulism.  But hey, I was doing it for myself.  I want it, I am not scared of needles, I am not afraid of approved drugs.  So off I went. 
It was fabulous.  It didn’t hurt, the doctor was super energetic and fun and I may even go back again in 4 months or so.  Afterall, they honor the deal price I got for the second treatment, genius.  So, Truthful Mommy jumped in her car after her lovely visit with the Botox lady and was on her way.  On the car ride home I chatted with a dear friend about how annoying the rest of our friends (that we love dearly) can be sometimes. We laughed at each others ridiculous mishaps as parents, she gave me some great blog material, and then I was home.  HOME!?!?!???  I TOTALLY forgot to pick up Number 1 at her playdate!  Was the botulism already setting in and my brain was already atrophied?  No, just a bad mommy move.  I will say that this is the very first time I have ever forgotten to pick up one of my children.  But it felt pretty inadequate, nonetheless.  It was not a total disaster; the play date was only minutes away from our house. The other mommy would never know how inadaquate I really am and Number 1 would never know she was forgotten.  But the fact of the matter is…I forgot.  I was too busy going on and on about my toxic injections to rid me of my oh-so inconvenient crumples and chatting negatively with my girl, that I forgot my sweet child.  Get it together!!
For those of you curious about the botulism, I didn’t get it.  For those of you curious about the process in general, I say if you find a good deal with a reputable doc, go for it.  It doesn’t hurt and it is nice to see less signs of the stressful anxiousness that is usually oh-so apparent on my forehead!!

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