Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Slip Up!

I was out and about today, and this is how it went...  I have showered, I have put on a dress and divine shoes and I have…..yes…fixed my hair!!!  I have tricked the Grandma, once again, into watching Number 3 while I went to do very very important things.   The Awesome Husband took Number 1 to school for me, I dropped Number 2 off later at preschool and the Grandma didn’t expect me back yet….because, as I said,  I have very very important things to do.  I notice that many of the preschool mommies take a double take at my super cute dress.  Or is it my shoes?  Or is it that they never see me showered?  Doesn’t matter, they notice.  I smile and “good morning” everyone because I don’t have my head down today hoping they just don't notice the dark circles or the greasy hair.  

I head to Target to spend all of our money, because that is what you D.O. at Target.  They pump some kind of special oxygen into the Target stores so that you will stay longer than you should and spend more money than you intended.  Much like a casino.  I would know, I lived in New Orleans for 3 years and that is exactly what I blame the disappearance of my hard-earned-money on…the weird oxygen.  I strut up to the very reflective door of the store and just before it opens…automatically…for me, I see it.  I SEE why everyone was noticing me.  I SEE…EVERYTHING!!

The dress I had on was given to me by the Grandma.  She is a Goodwill, Ross, yard sale shopper at its best and it is in my genes!!  We love a deal, we love to “dress for less.” An inexpensive outfit makes me SMILE.  An expensive outfit makes me furious because I know, if I had enough time, I could have found it for L.E.S.S!!!  Well, this cute little dress she gave me was from one of our favorite places.  And, most likely, when you get a dress for seven bucks, there is NO lining.  Therefore, you show the world your stuff.  There was no mystery left for those around me when it came to what was going on under this super cute, super cheap dress. 

So THAT is why they noticed me today???  It wasn’t that I actually took the time to blow-dry my hair.  It was that they weren’t sure if they should tell me that I was showing the world my secrets or just let me go on about my business as is. 

Let me stop here and tell you……TELL HER!! 

Luckily, my very first stop after preschool drop-off was at a place where the doors are super reflective and they sell everything you might need to fix what you saw in the reflection.  In addition to the money I spent on all the things I needed…and didn’t need, I bought a SLIP!!   So I made it to Muffin’s With Mom at Number 1’s school without being “Noticed” quite so much.  

We are all so put together, aren’t we???