Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No spend...Total bust

No spend January…what a bust.  It has taken me until March to reveal the very disappointing outcome.  The Very Frugal Husband and I agreed, at my suggestion, to have a no spend January this year.  This is something we have never done before.  I thought the Husband would fall right out of his seat when the surprising recommendation came from my mouth.  I must say, as it came out of my mouth the little voice in my brain was wailing, "STOP, don’t you know what you are getting yourself into by saying this out loud where he can hear you!?!?!?"  But, being the good wife I attempt to be, I decided to try my hand at helping out his stress-filled-financial-brain once again.  It seemed a lovely idea.  I knew it would not be fun, it would not be easy, it would probably not be pretty.  But I had stocked a pretty good amount of food in the pantry.  I had my hair done just before New Years Eve.  Certainly, I could go one month without a mani/pedi, a restaurant outing, a visit from my lovely cleaning lady or a massage.  No problem.  And, I am happy to report that I stayed quite committed to the plan in those departments.  I didn’t even visit my chiropractor during January.  Although, I am not sure that was such a great idea as I have had to frequent that place ever since. 

It is a good idea in theory.  After Christmas, funds are tight, so January felt like the right time, and I guess looking back it was a good thing I committed myself to not spend on those extra expenses.  But you forget how expensive January can be.  It is the time for EVERYTHING to be due.  The annoying and dreaded Homeowners Association bill comes in.  

Let me just get off subject for a moment on that note.  For what we pay our neighborhood should have a pool (both indoor and outdoor), a lavish Clubhouse and impeccable landscaping.  At the very least we should have a green area and a park for the kids.  Nope!  None of those.  Apparently we just have a storm water drainage system that, I imagine, must be top of the line as drainage systems go! 

Anywho, summer camp registration is due.  Enrollment in preschool.  Don’t DARE wait until February to secure THAT very very important spot!  The sweet little Girl Scouts come selling those decadent cookies that I CANNOT say no to.  I believe I even had to pay for Number 1’s dance costume that she will not even be wearing until June.   Just to name a few.

So, for those of you that have been wondering how a no spend month went for the Truthful Mommy…it was a bust.  We spent a lot.  Our rule of only buying milk and bread at the grocery store was broken quickly.  Naturally, since the plan was to not spend money at the grocery, I didn’t do any couponing so we ended up spending more than usual.  I believe I pulled out my checkbook MORE in January than ever.   All this particular month left me with was terribly uncared for feet, a sore back, grimey bathtubs and really dirty floors. 

Maybe we will try again sometime, I am not sure.  I am sure the Frugal Husband would tell a different story about our no-spend January, but he doesn’t have a blog.  So there. 

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