Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good days happen

I was on the phone with my very concerned father the other day.  He said he had been reading my blog and decided it was high-time I wrote something positive.  He was concerned you will think I don’t like my life.  Seems he has forgotten the gist of this blog.  So, in honor of my sweet Daddy, I will remind you that my life is 90% picture perfect and this blog is about the 10% that is….the chaos, the ugly, the mess.  However, I told him he must have been thinking on the same wave lengths as me because I was just in the process of typing this….

A few mornings ago, I could tell rather early that it was going to be a very nice and pleasant day at my house.  EVERYONE slept in.  Number 3 had been waking before 6am every morning for about 4 weeks and that is NOT morning at my house.  One of us, usually my amazing husband, would stumble into he kitchen to warm a bottle and he would hush up and go back to sleep, which was lovely.  But of course mommy and daddy were up for the duration.  It was clearly a growth spurt, as all of a sudden he looks like a little boy and not a baby. 

This Truthful Mommy was NOT ready for #3, was not planning on a #3 and was very concerned that this may have been a situation where God slipped up and sent the wrong mommy another.  Ok, I know God does not “slip up,” but I was quite sure that God had way more faith in me than He should.  Turns out, His plan was right on.  Number 3 has completed our family, he is the sweetest little guy, he was a super easy and chill baby and everyone loves him completely.  I wanted him to stay tiny forever and, wouldn’t you know, he grew up the fastest.  Thus, this new growth spurt makes me very sad.  Anyway, back to the sleepy heads…

Number 3 got his early morning bottle as usual, but fell quickly back to sleep as did mommy and daddy!
Number 1 is always the last to wake.  Her favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty and I believe there is something to it.  She loves to sleep.  This particular morning she was the first awake, but it was still after 8am.  We make our way downstairs together and hear Number 3 finally stir so we go in to get him. 
I start making breakfast, lunches to go, coffee, etc.  It seemed the monotony of our morning routine had arrived, regardless of the few extra minutes of sleep.  Believe me, a few extra minutes are like gold to me.  But here we were, back to normal.   Then I noticed the clock said 8:30.  I start to panic.  WHERE is Number 2, he has to be at school in 30 minutes!!??  This is the little guy that wakes SOOOO early that we had to put a clock in his room at the age of 2 and teach him to read and understand, FULLY, the number 7 so that he would not wake us all up at the crack of dawn.  So, for him to not be present in the kitchen at this hour was a call for alarm!

Speaking of alarm.....A few nights ago we heard a weird sound coming from his room around 4 am.  It was his alarm!  Looks like Mr. Pushy-Button-Number 3 got a hold of it and set the alarm.   Daddy heads in there to turn it off and settle him back down.  He is scared to death and believes there are now ghosts that live in his clock. The Daddy is not about to take the clock OUT of the room because it has served us well in the morning for many months.  Finally, after much consoling and cuddling, I remove the silly clock from his room.  It is not worth it.  The Husband is not sold.  He is sure that we will be seeing him again in an hour with out his trusty number 7 shining from within his clock, that is now unplugged and thrown in the hallway.  It went fine.…he actually slept longer!
I rush upstairs to check on his breathing, because isn't that the anxious place mommies always go to when something seems off??  He was fine.  He was snoozing soundly and I had to wake him up!  This would be a first for Number 2!  He tells me that he “slept so good cause his new cool clock makes him sleep great!”  Best 6 bucks I ever spent. 
So, now we are in a frantic hurry to get him to preschool, but everyone is rested.  Included Truthful Mommy.  I come home form dropping him off at preschool and Number 1 is watching, yes again, “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.”  I hear these rascally pirates in my sleep, so I start singing the part for Izzy and she says, “Mommy you are not Izzy, you are Skully (the parrot)”  Oh, I say, I thought I was Mr. Smee??  “No, you can’t be him anymore.”  Of course, I must do a little fishing and ask why not.  “Because you are not fat anymore.”  BEST DAY EVER!!!  Doesn’t really matter what else happens today.  We are well rested and I am not fat like Mr. Smee any longer!!!

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