Sunday, February 12, 2012

A little walk and some dessert please

An undoubtedly smart friend of mine recently posted the following on facebook:

“Did you know that you burn the same amount of calories whether you walk a mile or run a mile? Yep, it just takes longer when you walk. Also did you know 1 glazed Dunkin doughnut has 180 cal, 25g carb,and 8g fat. While a plain bagel with cream cheese has 540 cal, 70 g carb, 13.5g fat. So perhaps the doughnut is the healthier choice! Doughnuts 1, Bagels 0.”

So this inspired me.  I am the first to admit that I am inspired by strange things.  Had she said, “Running a mile once a month is all you need to be in amazing shape”, would NOT have caught my attention in the least.  But throw in an easy task disguised as exercise and promise decadent dessert as an option over something as tasteless as bagels and you have my attention my friend!!
I have never been one to research.  Science, biology, politics…just don’t care.  I figure I have zero minutes in the day to adopt a new hobby or obsession so it is really for the best that I am just unconcerned.  I am super happy that others are in to these affairs and take care of them for me, but I am simply not interested.  I generally take the experts word for it and move on.  I some how feel that most of us would be better off to know less and trust more.  To let more roll off our back.  Call me crazy.  Any who, back on track…I don’t care if the awesome news in this post is true or not, and I am SURE not going to look in to it.  I am just going to go with it.  So back to the inspiration part.  After months and months of very limited activity that would be considered exercise,  I had a great idea.   I will take the kids out with my free frosty tickets that I bought back in October to give out for Halloween and just found in my wallet not too long ago, and let that be our doughnut reward.   Then Number 1 and I would exercise.  She is quite good at riding her bike, so she would ride and I would walk.  Her incentive to keep going would be the playground at the end of our venture.  Considering that my inspiring post above told me that I could walk, that was my plan.  I threw on my tennis shoes and off we went.  No other “exercise” precautions were made.  No sports bra, nothing.  After all, I was going on a walk and that did not seem to require support.  It is mid-January so I was not at all expecting or intending to sweat. 
We get about half way through our route and we come to a campus near our house with an elementary, middle and high school that are all letting out at the same time we are coming through.    That means lots of cars, breaks in the sidewalk and one stressed out mommy with a 6 year old in front of her on a bike.  So, in order to keep up and make sure she stays safe, I start running.  This was NOT in the plans.  There were lots of things bouncing around that were not supposed to be disturbed in this way.  Least of which were my super cute dangly earrings that were whipping me in the face.  My lovely cute cowl neck top was swaying to and fro.  My not-meant-for-running pants were about to fall down (which almost made me feel kinda skinny if it weren’t so annoying)  I imagine I was quite a site.  I tried to look cool; like I totally meant to be out for a jog with my daughter.   Truth was, I couldn’t wait till we got passed the campus so that she was in the clear and I could go back to my initial plan of WALKING. 

Be careful when you get inspired.  It could lead to a lot more than you bargained for!

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  1. You are HILARIOUS. You have to read Jen Lancaster. You sound just like her.